Planning for The Mount Pleasant Education Foundation was initiated in 1997. The Foundation, as it has become known, works independently from the school district, raising and allocating funds for projects, equipment and materials beyond those provided by school resources. The Foundation assists in funding many programs that the teachers and students would like to have available but are unable to due to district budgeting.


The Foundation has evolved through the years and now includes dinner dances, raffles, family events, special fundraisers and golf outings.  These wonderful events provide much excitement for all those who participate and to the many teachers and students that are affected by the revenue created.


The Mount Pleasant Education Foundation fully supports our Mount Pleasant community and will continue to strive for excellence in education!


Current Board of Directors

Robyn Vulcano, President

Karen Orefice, Vice President

Mark Saracino, Vice President

Nicole Del Balzo, Treasurer
Jena Rizzo-McClure, Recording Secretary

Todd Sliss, Media Secretary
Margaret Brock

Michael Dowd

Terry Fowler

Lisa Gim

Emile Last

Pamela Longo 

Steve Mastrosimon​e

Aimee Ropke

Chris Rubeo