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2015 Grants

Hawthorne Elementary School


Classroom Library Books (ELA) $3,150


Second Grade

Lakeshore Kits / Manipulatives (Math) $4,838


Second Grade

Classroom Library Books (ELA) $3,479


Columbus Elementary School

Fifth Grade

10 iPad Air, Applications and Cases (Special Education) $7,930


Westlake Middle School & High School

Kenneth Amann & Ann Stanton

Vernier Data Collection Technology (Math and Science) $12,331


Mary Knopp & Phil Cutrone

Maker Space & 3-D Printer (Library) $4,900


Westlake Middle School

Dr. Susan Cowles-Dumitru

“A Day in Clay” with artist Chris Mendelson (Art) $1,600


Westlake High School

Teresa Barbuto

Califone Diggiditto Smart Document Camera (Math) $1,240


Raymond Szczerba

32 Chromebooks, Management Console, Printer & Cart (Science) $11,326



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