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2014 Grant Summary

Hawthorne Elementary School 
Guided Reading Texts - First Grade Teachers $3,500
Provides guided reading texts at a variety of levels for the entire first grade.  Students will have the opportunity to hear the teacher model reading and comprehension strategies before using the strategies independently.  The guided reading and small group instruction aid students in becoming better readers and provide opportunities for higher level questioning and discussion.

iPads and Applications - Special Education Teachers $3,000
A high level of consistency, opportunity for repeated practice and the multisensory aspects of apps will be provided to students.  This highly motivating technology offers kinesthetic learning activities
that are interactive, engaging and stimulating.  Instant feedback provided is an important factor in helping students achieve success.


Mindset-The New Psychology of Success – All Teachers $460
Copies of this book written by Dr. Carol S. Dweck will be provided to all faculty members at HES as requested by Jerome Schulman.  The objective of this book study is to establish a learning community around this topic that will impact the children, the classroom and the teachers.


Columbus Elementary School
iPads with Cart - Third Grade Teachers $17,000
iPads offer many educational opportunities for students.: enrichment for all subject areas, differentiated instruction, increased motivation.  The teachers and students will have the opportunity to enhance instruction with this class set of iPads.


Non-Fiction Books - School Library $2,500
The Non-Fiction book collection will be updated in the Columbus Library.  Books from each grade’s curriculum, science and sports will be added to aid students in successfully meeting the goals of the Common Core curriculum and Teacher’s College instruction.


Westlake Middle School
Social Thinking Library - Schoolwide Program $1,168
For students in the Comprehensive Development Classroom and Community Transition Programs, these materials will facilitate meeting goals related to developing social skill/ social language and interacting more successfully in the school and Mt. Pleasant communities.


Westlake Middle and High Schools 
Large Format Printer - Entire Westlake Campus $960
Teachers will have the opportunity to print student work and create classroom resources in poster size to be displayed in the Library Media Center, classrooms and throughout the school.


Vernier Data Collection Technology - Math & Science $12,000
This technology will impact both science and math courses in the both the middle and high school.  The probes and data collection technology will empower student directed learning through opportunities to discover and investigate theorems, postulates and complicated math and science material. 


Westlake High School
Pottery Wheel-Throwing Stations - Art Department $2,890
Ceramic students will be provided with a well-rounded experience in the craft of clay with this opportunity to learn how to use the potter’s wheel.


Fashion Class Sewing Machines - Art Department $500
With these sewing machines and materials, students will have the opportunity to illustrate their design concepts and bring them a three-dimensional reality through project construction.


Chromebooks and Carts - English and Special Education $10,465
High School students will benefit from the increased access to technology provided by the Chromebooks and charging cart.


Geometry Tools - Math and Special Education Departments $558

Various supplies to create problem-based learning activities in the classroom. A benefit to all Geometry unit students.


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