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“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination

 and instill a love of learning."       -Brad Henry          


Mr. Paquette and Mrs. Carrea thank you for getting Elliot get organized, 

motivated, and interested in learning, we are so grateful! 

Elliot Spero & Family


Thank you –Ms. Lucille for ALL you do! We are so lucky to have you!

Brady McTigue & Family 


To Mrs. Luzon & Mrs. Gleason

You are a dynamic duo!  Thank you for making 2nd grade so awesome!

Brady McTigue


Mrs. Turturro, I really enjoyed being in your class this year and 

I will really miss Hawthorne Elementary School. 

From, Jeffrey Sliss


Mrs. Bates, I’m going to miss you so much. I wish I could be in your class again. 

Thanks for a great and fun experience. 

Love, Henry Sliss


Dear Mrs. Gray, I am so happy that you are my kindergarten teacher!  Thank you for your guidance and patience.  I really enjoy your class.  “It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.  Author Unknown.

Yours truly, Makayla Smith


Thank you, Mrs. Soto, for your sweet messages all year long. We are so grateful Dylan had you in his life this year.  -The Cassidy Family 


Thank you, Mrs. Ponte, for your kindness and patience this year. Thank you for making this year so wonderful for Shayla.  -The Cassidy Family

Mrs Bartucca, Thank you for making this year fun and for believing me when I told you Harley ate my homework. I will miss you! You’re Awesome! ~ Louis


Mrs. Baldinucci, Thank you for all you do and for making Third Grade a great year! ~The Alessy Family

Mrs. Lulgjuraj, Mrs. Sullivan, Thank you for all your support and kind heartedness! It is appreciated more than you know. ~The Alessy Family


Thank you Ms.Murphy! We've been lucky to have you for both boys. You gave them a great start! Thank you for everything! The Connolly Family


Thank you Ms.Newman and Mrs. Gold for making 2nd grade such a fun learning experience for Michael! The Connolly Family


Thank you- Mrs. Chaney for a wonderful 3rd grade experience.  Tara has really blossomed this year!  -The Connolly Family


We would like to thank Mrs. Boucher for doing such a wonderful job with Benjamin.  He has grown so much under your watch.  Thank you, The Mathew Family


Dear Mrs. Rush, Thank you for being the best teacher! I love when you teach me math! Thanks for helping me open my locker when I couldn’t open it.  Love,  Joseph Corr


Dear Mrs. Carrea, Thank you for helping me learn to read. I love how you read the best books to us!

Dear Mr. Paquette, Thank you for teaching me math!   -Love, Julianna Corr


Thank you Mrs.Soto for being such dedicated teacher. It is incredible how caring and fun you are with your students. Mason loves being your student.  – The Mastrosimone Family


Thank you to Mrs. Carrea, Mr. Paquette, Ms. Hoffman, Mrs. Finck and Mrs. Cotrone for all of your kindness, patience and expertise! -The McKees


Thank you Mrs. Ponte for a great 2 trimesters. I hope you move up to 4th grade so I can have you as a teacher again.  From Nathaniel Nolan. 


Thank you, Ms. Igo. I hope you move to 2nd grade because you are so much fun.  

Love Lilah Nolan


The Morrone Family commends Eli Perry for his tireless efforts to support Instruction Technology at WMS.  Your passion, knowledge, and dedication have inspired our son Joseph!


Thank you to Barbara Schulz for creating our saxophone player! Your love and passion for teaching has instilled a new sense of commitment and love for music in Tommy.


The Morrone Family thanks Kerri DeCrenza for making second grade such a wonderful experience for Gabby. We are grateful and blessed to have such a dedicated and nurturing teacher in her life!


Ms. Lamake- You are fabulous & an awesome TEACHER!!!

Hugs & kisses, Emmanuella Shleiwet


Thank you to all the teachers and staff at HES!  A really special thank you to Ms. Danzis, Ms. Rush and Ms. Bartucca!  ❤️ Chase Olshan and family


Ms. Rutledge, you are so caring and we always feel comfortable in your class! You actually make math class fun when we never thought it was possible! 

Love, Kate and Will Earley 


Mrs.Turco, you always inspire us to be ourselves and not care what anyone thinks! You are so welcoming and warm! Love, Kate and Will Earley

Mrs.Bates, you are an amazing teacher:) Although our class is never the definition of well-behaved you still make class fun! Love, Kate Earley

Mrs.G, thank you for being a really great teacher this year! You helped me become a better student even through all of our shenanigans! You have really been a great help this year. Love, Will Earley 


Mrs. Bartucca - We are so grateful to have you as Kayla’s teacher. The respect and confidence created in your classroom is the hope of every parent.  You are a gift to Kayla and to our family. Love, The Reardon Family

Mrs. Rutledge - You have a gift for seeing the best in your students. All the children benefit from the reflection of that positive image in your eyes. For you it seems teaching is not just a job, it is a calling.  Thank you for being you. 


A sincere thank you from the DelPozzo family to all of Julia and Alex’s teachers. 

-The DelPozzo Family


Ms. Carmody, 
Your compassion, enthusiasm, and dedication has been a blessing to our son this year!
A million thanks, The Ballerini Family 


Mrs. Silidjian, Thank you for making 5thgrade wonderful.  You promised at the beginning of the year that you would never raise your voice and have kept your word.  It means the world to me.   -Joseph Vulcano


Mrs. DeCrenza,
Thank you so much for being my voice when I couldn’t speak. I am doing better every day and it is because of your love and support. 
Love, Hudson Pisacano 


Mrs. Cindy Woods, Thank you for all the care and support you provided the past three years. There will NEVER be another you! You will always hold a very special place in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU! The Romano Family


The Pardo family would like to thank Ms. Turturro for a wonderful school year and we are grateful that Gabriel is a part of her class.  

Thank you- Ms. Turturro.          The Pardo Family

Mrs. Partelow: Thank you for creating a learning environment in which Mikaela has been able to thrive. We have witnessed amazing growth in all domains. She has loved being in class with you and will miss you at the year's end!

 - The Gerring Family


Mr. Malone - Thank you for making First Grade such a great year!!  You're the best!   - Nicolas Saracino

Mrs. Grey has been a truly wonderful teacher, supporting Maria every step of the way. She has made her feel welcome and at home in the classroom. I will be forever thankful for having her as Maria's Kindergarten teacher. 
-Elin Tungesvik Dordal

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